Coming Soon: Exploring Direct Provision

SWA Circular 04 00-1A new project by Liam Thornton, making available key documents on the system of direct provision obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Law engages with story-telling, and this project is but one aspect of the story of direct provision – putting direct provision within its political and legal framework. While there may be gaps  in the political/legal narrative –  this is not necessarily problematic. The project will emphasise the fact that the creation of policy, its interaction with law and administration, is not clear-cut, it  can be ‘messy’. Law, policy and governance may be uncertain. This project, through use of Freedom of Information documentation, places that uncertainty as a core methodological framework to be embraced rather than to be shied away from.

SWA Circular 04 00-2This project will commence in 2019 and end on 10 December 2019.

The project will explore:

Backdrop: Making available  previously unreleased documents on the creation of the system of direct provision. Contextualising the significant milestones as regards the creation and operationalisation of the system of direct provision.

Administration: The arguments engaged in between Government Departments and officials as regards responsibility for the system of direct provision.

Reform: The role of the narrative of reform, something ever present within governmental discourses on direct provision.

Limitations: The negation of law and legalism until July 2018, and explaining the limits of law and human rights discourses in challenging direct provision.